Saturday, October 1, 2011

harvest time.......

It's harvest time here.....not that we have anything to harvest as we have very little flat ground on our 5 acres but kind souls share their bountiful harvest with us now and again. Sam came home with a box of vine ripened tomatoes yesterday, more than we can eat fresh so I've loaded up several trays of the dehydrator and it's now humming away.....they'll be great in soups and stews this winter. Yum, tomato/red onion/hot pepper sandwich for lunch today.......


  1. That's when I miss my deydrator. Most of the time I have nothing to put in it, and now I've lost track of over many moves. My kids loved when I'd dry apricots, apples and melons. I'd have empty racks by the time the drying time was up.


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