Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hmm, where have I been, no posts since last week.....spent the weekend on the coast, absolutely beautiful crisp fall weather, actually short sleeve sunny fall weather. It was a good for the mental health coast weekend, no chores, just walking, reading and relaxing. Yesterday I spent the morning with customers that came here to my studio for scarves and roving, then the afternoon spent trying to put away piles in the loom room and sewing room - next week the local chapter of the American Sewing Guild wants to come for a short talk on weaving which will include a show & tell and tour of my studio space. They came a couple years ago but apparently a number couldn't make it so they wanted a second go round. I was really hoping by now the AVL would be here so I'd have something new to share with them but it's delayed.....no word on the latest delay (nor the first until I e'd them), need to drop them a line again to find out the status.
Today was my spinning group day - spinning days are the best two days of the month.......hmm, pretty exciting life I lead here but I love it.....more often than not it's the only time I spin.......and it's good for my mental health to get together with my spinning peeps. After I got home I decided to put together some new felting bunz kits with muted colors. My other kits are more the primary/secondary colors plus natural, black, brown & gray. I thought all these soft colors might be a nice complement to the other kit. The new one is now up for sale in one of my etsy shops.

I suppose tomorrow or Thursday I better get something on the loom for the Sewing Guild to see.......


  1. Sounds like a lovely week Cindie! And those new felting bundles are awesome. Very pretty.

  2. You're holding out on us. Reading, really?! What kept you so fascinated. You really must share what to allude to.

    Gonna sew - any day now, but after the Project Runway season ends.

  3. Oh, reading that weekend was just catching up on fiber magazines.....I did start a book on my ipad that was a free download - got to the end of chapter 20, next page said to go buy the book to finish it - argh! When I downloaded it never said it was only a teaser. Book was just ok, not worth spending money on to finish.


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