Sunday, October 23, 2011

A bit of spinning.....

A bit of spinning took place while on the coast this weekend, did some reading, lots of walking, then decided to pick up the spindle and some superwash merino I had dyed a couple years ago.....once spun there should be enough of this for a pair of sox. Isn't that a cool pillow in the background?! It was made from a bathmat - Sam thinks it's weird, actually downright scary - I love it, bought a light blue one too! Forgot the camera once again so this was taken with the phone, not too sharp....


  1. Pretty and pretty spindle. I was stalled in my spindling so took the roving I bought for it when I bought it at Black Sheep and put it on my wheel. I think the problem was that the roving was partially felted and didn't want to draft easily. I need to get my spindle out and give it a second chance!

  2. Yes, get that spindle out and give it another chance - I love spindle portable. This is a Forrester spindle, one of my favorite spindle makers, they're always well balanced.

  3. Hi Cindy...thanks for your kind comments on my blog. In response to your question about the heart turkish spindle. I bought it from Beth at The Spinning Loft in Howell. They mail order...since she's ~40 miles away from me, I often have them send me stuff.

    When I was there on Sunday, she had 2 more of those spindles in the window. The spindle is made by Jeri Brock and weighs 24g. and costs $60. It's very similar to my Jenkins turkish spindle....blindfolded, I wouldn't be able to tell you which one I was spinning with.

    Beth is ThreeSheeps on Ravelry, you could probably PM her there or on the Spinning Loft Ravelry group.

    BTW, love your Forrester spindle, I have one of his support spindles. Love it!

    Questions? email is vmusselm at hotmail dot com

  4. Thank you Valerie - I just ordered one!


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