Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's going on........

What a great New Year's long weekend we had. While the valleys had snow, then heavy fog and cold weather we were sitting just on the other side of the mountain range on the coast in sunny, bright blue sky, no wind upper 50's temps. Great for walking down the hill to the wharf & Old Town every morning and for driftwood searching on the beach. We hated to come back home to the chilly weather. So, pretty much nothing fiber related happened over the long holiday weekend, just played and relaxed.

I started some new spinning yesterday at my spinning group get together - it's some Falkland that I had dyed starting at one of the roving with yellow and working my way to black at the other end - you can see the first change of color on the bobbin above. I split the roving in half and am spinning half on this bobbin, will spin the other half on another bobbin and then ply them. Don't ask what my plans are for this - it will sit on the shelf and marinate for a while until a project pops into my head.

Today was to be spent in Ashland with Theresa but she's still got a cold hanging on and we thought better of it, will be rescheduled for another day. Since I was home unexpectedly I decided it was time to organize and put everything away in the studio; the loom room and the sewing/craft room both looked like a tornado had come through the rooms. It's looking much better now, I feel like I can now think about the next warps to go on the loom and sewing I want to do.


  1. I too am trying to get all my yarnages sorted and organized. have fun!

  2. Love the Falkland! The colors are awesome!


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