Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All in a day's work..........

In-between other chores today I finally got to sit at the loom for a bit. Remember that warp I put on a week ago Monday? Well, finally I tied on and started weaving the tulip table runners, am hoping to get more time to work on other color combos tomorrow, maybe some pink tulips, maybe some yellow.

Here are those socks now that they're finished and off the needles - they'll be packed up and mailed off to my Aunt Ilene in Michigan, my father's brother's wife. Her feet are freezing up there. Will be working on some more for her after I knit up the Poems yarn (below) for a knit hat and fingerless gloves for myself to leave at the beach cottage so I'm prepared for chilly walks. Think I'll start these this evening.


  1. Cindie,

    I love the tulips. Wonder if I can do this with the 8/14 treadle Hollandia. They are so perfectly spring like.
    Nice socks, and very nice yarn. Is that a single ply?
    The colors are lovely.

  2. Yes, you can weave those tulips on the Hollandia.
    Yarn for hat that I started last night is a single ply, very soft.


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