Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beach Cottage is coming along......

The beach cottage is coming along....thought I'd post a few pix from this past weekend. More decorating to be done, much furniture to be painted, many pictures/prints need framing so they can be hung on the walls, and hopefully I will get sheer curtains with seashells & starfish ordered this week. We're furnishing it on a shoestring, most furniture was found at antique shops at good prices, only a few new pieces.
 Guest room bookcase - a small, not so subtle hint as to what guests should be doing at the beach cottage
Found this fun shelf and what are actually Christmas ornaments at a new shop in town
 Shells on a little table in our bedroom
 and more shells and seaglass on the lower shelf of the little table
 Found two of these shelves for the bathrooms - they will eventually be painted
 Great large glass dish that will eventually have some sand & shells displayed in it. Right now some glass ornaments I found are residing in it - they will hang in our bedroom window after I get the sheers up. Not sure where the cute little beaded copper otter ornament will reside - just loved him.....and all ornaments were on sale.
 Living room - really wanted the white couch but decided with Bailey the golden retriever it was best not to go with white, well, since the khaki couch is now covered with a quilt for Bailey I guess I could have gone with white......oh well. Love the Kathy Ireland area rugs we found.
 Here's another larger Kathy Ireland area rug. You can barely see the ugly chandelier because it's hung so high it doesn't show. Eventually we'll find the perfect chandelier and fix that problem at the same time. Both of these rooms will look much more comfy once the sheers are hung.
Tea cup collection that belonged to my Aunt Fran, a couple of my teapots on top and my miniature teapots mixed in with the teacups. These teacups were actually belonged to Fran's husband Dave's mother. His family didn't want them back after Fran passed away so my cousin Jim asked me if I'd like them - they're perfect at the beach for tea parties. Eventually this piece of furniture will be painted - maybe one color inside, another on the outside.
And one outside shot. We haven't brought our extra outdoor furniture to the beach cottage for the deck yet so Bailey and I were outside laying on the deck in the sun Saturday and spotted this little nest up high in the tree. It's really tiny, only a few inches across, up way too high for me to get a really good look. Can't wait to see what bird will be laying it's eggs in it this spring.....that is if I can see once the leaves are out. It was a beautiful weekend on the coast - fog and cold weather here at home, sunny and mild at the coast.


  1. I love your beach cottage. It looks so relaxing, inviting, peaceful.

  2. Oh Cindie, it looks wonderful! Love the new furniture and the rugs. I also love those glass ornaments. Is that glass bowl shaped like an oyster shell, looks like it.
    The otter is perfect. I have to say, that table looks like it belongs there. The chairs were dang comfortable too.
    A beautiful relaxing retreat in every sense.

  3. Yes, glass bowl looks similar to an oyster shell, or water in a dish. And those chairs are very comfortable, thank you Theresa for finding that table & chairs for us!

  4. It looks like a wonderful playhouse! What a great place to relax. I love love love the copper otter ornament!


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