Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lost days.......

Well, I've lost the past 5 days to the dreaded winter cold, nothing truly horrible like the flu but just enough to make me miserable and not have any energy to get much done. I did make it to the weaving guild meeting on Saturday but on the 45 minute drive home I wondered was I really driving safely? my head was filled with snot (to put it delicately) and impairing my judgement. So, I missed Sewing Sunday (so sad) and missed my other guild meeting yesterday. Dayquil, Nyquil and nose spray do wonders for many symptoms but don't help with the lack of energy or lung function. And today I only had 1/3 dose of Dayquil left - panic set in as I watched the last drip of orange hitting the 'plastic' shooter cup so I added some water to the bottle and shook it up to make sure I didn't miss one tiny bit of that nasty tasting liquor. Hopefully Sam will not forget to pick me up more today on his way home from work.
But I did accomplish a little today, very little, but it was something. I weighed out a big box of Ashland Bay roving that arrived here well over a month ago, I had been ignoring it since there were more important tasks to take care of. That pretty much did me in, I then turned on the mattress pad warmer and laid in bed watching the new Oprah Winfrey network for an hour, then a bubble bath and then a mug of hot cocoa. Boy, have I got the art of milking a cold down!

Obviously nothing happening on the weaving front but I do have a table runner project waiting in the wings for a multi-guild exchange and a pile of pink fibers including pink metallic for a guild challenge, more to come on that later.

So tomorrow I'll be happy if I get a little bit of sewing done. I have, I think, 8 long sleeve t's that have been hanging or piled on the floor in the sewing room for a few months waiting for me to hem up the sleeves, I hate long sleeves but love 3/4 length ones. Hmm, maybe I'll get to wear these before spring comes and it gets warm again. Oh, almost forgot one of the black t's gets to be decorated with shiva paintstiks - fun!

Off to nurse (milk) my cold again sitting by the fire knitting........or playing with my ipad......


  1. Hope you feel better soon!!!

    My DH has winter laryngitis this's way too quiet around here!


  2. You poor thing! Get well soon.

    I have been hearing of so many people sick with colds and flu so it seems to be a bad season this year!

    I can recall rinsing a liquid Nyquil bottle to get the last dregs one night. I was so desparate for sleep! Maybe switch to your favourite booze instead? It won't help the cold but you won't care!

    :) Susan
    who's leaning on drugs for pain relief myself

  3. HEY!!! What's with the PINK fibers?? and there's PINK metallic??? Have you been holding out on me??

    Take care of yourself ... milk that cold for all it's worth!


  4. Yes, my dear PINK friend I'll be working with lots of pink and the pink metallic has been around for years, part of my Robin & Russ metallic stash. Small project though - not meant to be functional but I guess it could be - will be very blingy when I'm done!

  5. Feel better! Did Sam remember that medicine? Hmm, pink metallic fibers. Oh how fun and the roving looks beautiful. Can't wait to see what you do with thos t's and paint stixs!


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