Thursday, January 13, 2011

On the needles......

Since there's no weaving going on here this week thought I'd show what's new on the needles. Some simple sox in Opal sock yarn - love the patterning that Opal yarn comes up with. I knit a rolled top at the top of the cuff followed by some ribbing to hold the sox up and then stockinette. Will be ready to work on the heel this evening.

Today was the turning point for the dreaded winter cold, the worst has passed and I'm starting to feel better......not good enough to give up my Dayquil and Nyquil quite yet. I did hem up the sleeves on 8 long sleeve t's to make them 3/4 sleeves so at least something was accomplished today.


  1. What colorway is the Opal, really like it.

  2. It's Opal Memory, I'm not sure if these numbers are dye lots or color numbers. Farbe-2497, Partie 14.

  3. Love knitting socks! They are so mobile!


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