Monday, July 12, 2010

Table Runners finally done..............

The ten celtic knot table runners are finally finished - they sat around in a pile waiting to be hemmed for quite a while, that finally got done last week, today they were ironed and tagged.

Also today was putting the finishing touches on a new display board for the county fair, had cleanup to do on the pages of photos and text and print them. I'm borrowing a laminating machine tomorrow for all the pictures and text, need to paint the canvas so they have a nice backdrop and then I'm done....will post a picture when finished up. I have an adversion to the paint brush unless it's connected with painting fiber so I'll need to psych myself up for the painting portion.

Today was a day of getting things finished up. I have everything together for the kumihimo class I'm teaching on Saturday. All is ready to go except the handout which I'll get printed tomorrow.


  1. Boy, I was asleep at the wheel yesterday. Look at all you're up to! The runners look lovely. Nice job Cindie! Maybe one should be earmarked for the new house?

  2. Nah, didn't weave the right colors for the beach house. But will be planning to weave runners (after I find a table), towels and a couple afghans. Colors so unlike me - sea glass greens, sand, seaglass teals, white.


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