Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More chenille scarves

Here are the lastest of the chenille scarves that came off the loom and were washed yesterday. Fringes still need to be twisted. Yesterday I finally got around to twisting fringes on 6 scarves after finishing the weaving on this black/grey/red warp. Not sure what's going on the loom next - more chenille, or bamboo.

We took the weekend off from the heat, 100+ temps here, just over the mountains on the coast it was in the 60's, sunny and breezy so off we went Friday, back Sunday evening.

I have pounds and pounds of wool sitting here waiting to be dyed, not to mention the latest addition to the stash -120 silk hankies (for spinning). It's just too hot for me, I'd be ok for the first couple hours early in the morning but after that I suffer. Am hoping maybe later this week or next week it will be better.

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  1. What material is the warp of the scarves? I wove a chenillescarf today with a tencel-warp. I wondert, if it is possibel to use the chenille also in the warp...

    (Excuse my english... :-))


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