Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chenille question...........

I had a comment from Textrix asking what I used for the warp in my chenille scarves because she has used tencel and was wondering if chenille could be used. Oh yes, chenille can be used - I used the same chenille for my warp as my weft- it makes for the most luxurious scarves and shawls. I sett the 1300 yds/lb rayon chenille at 16 epi. Sometimes I do mixed warps mixing the chenille with rayon slubs, sometimes variegated in color. With the chenille warp I have also used non-chenille wefts - sometimes tencel, many times rayon and sometimes some great black sparkley rayon I have........that I'm sadly getting low on and have no clue where to pick up more. Originally it was from Silk City Fibers but that was years ago, will have to look at the sample notebooks I've got to see if there's something similar to it.

No weaving today - had lunch with a couple of weaver friends and then headed out for shopping - in and out of the car in the heat has done me in.

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  1. Thank you! I will try a chenille warp. Its very interesting!!!


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