Monday, August 24, 2009

More handspun

This is some more handspun that I was working on at the fair last week. Janis of Dyelots gifted me with this ball of roving she created (the picture of the roving isn't great, took it at the fair, small camera wasn't set correctly). All kinds of fiber in it including some glitz. It spun up into a fun novelty yarn full of lumps and bumps, so totally unlike what I normally spin. I plied it with a black quilting thread. Still needs to be washed & blocked and then I'll see how many yards there are....will probably put it on the shelf for a bit to wait for the right project.


  1. It's always amazing how much different the spun yarn looks from the roving. The colour is much clearer and more intense. I think it turned out beautifully!

  2. Cindie, this yarn would look great in a ribbed basket. I love that chunky novelty stuff for just that reason, save all my scraps and all of my first hand spun. Starting to run low. Will be on the lookout at all the upcoming fiber shows!!! Hang on to it and look for some basket classes!!!

  3. what a great idea Debbie - this yarn is actually pretty thin but thick & thin with bumps from the silk noils and such. I've done some basket making and would like to do more but I just run out of hours in my day.


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