Sunday, August 9, 2009

A little loom time

I got a bit of loom time yesterday. I wound a 12 yard warp for towels, got it wound on the back beam and threaded through the heddles. All that's left is to sley the reed and tie on.....but that won't happen today. I'm doing something very unusual for me - towels in plain weave, I just wanted these very simple that would end up in a nice plaid or stripes. Generally the only time I use plain weave is when weaving chenille. I love structure and I love color and usually combine the two. The other unusual thing I'm doing is using 6/2 cotton, I always use 8/2 or 10/2 for towels. I picked up a large number of beautiful muted colors in 6/2 earlier this year so I wanted to give it a try for towels. I'm using a fibonnaci striping sequence: 34-8-21 (warp ends) and rotating the four colors throughout.

Temps look like they'll be good for dyeing this week - hopefully I'll get in a day or two of painting roving.


  1. I think the towels will be lovely! The colors are wonderful and there is a lot of joy and ease in weaving
    and using a simple plain weave item. Plus, it's always good to be back on the loom!
    Hope the weather stays cool enough to enjoy more dying!

  2. Today is a dye day - it's beautiful and cool out at 7am so I'll be outside shortly.


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