Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally back to the loom........

Finally back to the loom - I put this warp on July 24th (original post) and never got to weaving so yesterday I spent some quality time at the loom and wove the two scarves off. The first one I used a 8/2 forest green tencel weft, the second one a rust 8/2 tencel weft.

The temps look like they may come down a bit so I'm hoping to get some dyeing in on Thursday, we'll see what happens. Friday is peach jam making day.


  1. The scarves look beautiful! I love green but I'm drawn to the rust weft one. Oh please do share your peach jam recipe. They are one of my favorite fruits.

    Don't forget to get your award over on my site. Of course the actual picture of the award might have to be gotten elsewhere, but you should know, you are really quite an inspiration!

  2. In person they're both beautiful but I like the rust weft one too.

    Peach jam recipe is the one in the box of Sure-Jell although one year a friend and I added cinnamon to it and it was really yummy.

    Yes, will get the award - I'm honored!


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