Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Handspun & Fire

Here's the handspun I just finished up, washed and blocked yesterday. It's from roving I bought from Shelly at Butternut Woolens, colorway Missouri Breaks - it's 80% merino, 20% silk. It was beautiful to spin and I love the finished product. I got 1697 yards. Now what to do with it...........maybe weave, maybe knit..........time will tell.

On another front - had a scare this afternoon. Came driving up to the house and heard tons of sirens, I mean tons. A few weeks ago when I heard sirens it was a car that had overturned but sirens this time of year always bring the worry of forest fire. I came up on the deck and didn't see anything but kept hearing more and more sirens coming from all directions - finally a plume of smoke very close to us. I kept watching and calling others to see if they had any clue where it was. Then the copter with the bucket arrived, looked to make maybe 2 drops and left, then another copter up higher flying in circles over our house watching for hotspots I'm sure. It turned out to be a grass fire on BLM property right behind us - way too close for comfort. Thank goodness for such quick response, was brought under control at 1/2 acre and is in the mop up stage, now as long as no embers fly and ignite elsewhere we're fine. Instant tension headache! Experienced one huge fire in our other house, the Biscuit Fire, over a half a million acres - don't need another. I said when we moved I wanted a house in the middle of an irrigated pasture built out of concrete with a metal roof............hmm, we sit on the top of a heavily wooded hill with ravines on each side - couldn't be a worse setting for fire......maybe next house.........

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