Sunday, August 30, 2009

More handspun color blending samples

Here are some more of the small skeins of color blending samples I spun up. These are all made from combining blue, red & brown in various combinations on the drum carder. I have one more small bag of samples to spin but they will wait a bit..........have a pile of small samples to spin up of Ashland Bay Merino/Tussah Silk, Merino Multi-Color, and Merino Solid rovings. These are all from an order recieved this past week - it helps so much for customers to see what a particular colorway looks like spun up so I'll do samples whenever I have the time and extra fiber.


  1. Samples are such a good idea. I know I've passed by some roving that I didn't grab me only to see it spun and be breathtaking.
    Towels look super!

  2. the hand-dyed roving is always a surprise to me, I rarely guess as to what it will look like spun. Several folks who have bought some lately have promised pictures so I can see what it looks like spun up - will post them on the blog when that happens.


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