Monday, August 3, 2015

That dreaded job.......

Oh, that dreaded job - photography. I forced myself to do a bit today - it's such a challenge for me, I'm really not very good at it.  But photos of 3 shawls are finished up and they're now listed in my etsy shop.
Sage Green rayon and cotton shawl with silk ribbon embellishment

Sage Green Lace Rayon shawl - this one is a bit lighter in weight than the one above that has a cotton weft

This is the charcoal grey alpaca shawl - oh my gosh, is this ever the softest thing I've put around my shoulders. There is no way to capture how lovely it is in photos, especially since it's so dark. There's an all black one to come, it's still drying and will then need the fringe twisted.

Look who showed up out the kitchen window this morning - momma wasn't far away


  1. I love these shawls! Do you find that green is an extremely hard colour to photograph? It seems that I weave a beautiful piece that is a stunner in real life and then I find it impossible to get the colour across in the photo...

  2. Thank you Lynnette. Yes, the green was hard to photograph - it's much prettier in person. The grey and then black alpaca shawls were almost impossible to photograph - photos don't do them justice.


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