Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dropping like flies........

We're dropping like flies in the aftermath of the county fair. The majority of us demonstrating at the fair have come down with a respiratory ailment - one has already gone to urgent care and  got a diagnosis of pneumonia - two others are going to urgent care today and will report back to the rest of us. It was very strange that we suddenly got sick within a day of each other. My professional weaver/spinner's diagnosis was legionnaires' due to the cooling system in the building........and based on the fact that I recently saw an update on the news about it in NYC. But, honestly, I have no business saying that - it just sounded like something that could happen to us all very quickly. As of right now I don't have it as bad as others - headache, scratchy throat and a cough - my cough isn't as bad as it was 24-48 hours ago. On my way home from taking down the fair display this morning I did pick up another bag of cough drops and will be relaxing and drinking hot tea with honey today.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Hope all of you recover fast. Could it have been something in all that smoke that has been in your area (and now ours)? Take care!


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