Monday, September 15, 2014

A bit of sunshine in my day........

Today has been a stinky day trying to find updates on the fire, trying to make a plan, just trying to stay calm. The highlight of my day was finding out that I won a giveway at Starfish Cottage Blog. I found Kristy's blog through another blog I follow and have been loving seeing her beach inspired d├ęcor.....and have even bought some burlap ribbon in preparation for decorating some mason jars.

Anyhow, check out her blog - even if you're not into decorating in seashore colors you'll love seeing her style and possibly using some of her ideas in your house.  She's also got a wonderful etsy shop.
So, what I won was one of these sets - I'm not sure which one, I don't care, I love them both. The tote bag will be a great addition to the beach cottage - I'll use it often and who can't use tea towels.

Not much to say about the fire - getting very little info other than hearing that tonight or tomorrow there may be some level 2 evacuations added to the level 1 in effect now. Copters shake the house flying back and forth. I haven't seen the retardant tankers but know they're available - heard from friend Margie who is south of me that they're going over her house so they're taking a different route to the fire from Medford.  Just saw something scroll across the bottom of the tv about a fire in Weed (CA) that is forcing evacuations from 3 communities - hasn't CA been hit enough with the continuing devastation from the Happy Camp fire just over the border from us. Fire season has been way too long this year.........


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    1. It does enter our minds but also would like to be here to know what's going on and to get out what we can if need be.


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