Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More rust dyeing and a field trip

Here's my second rust dyed silk scarf - it needed more rust/color so I wrapped it around a gear and left it another night.  I like it - very fun.  Would love to do some cotton fabric one day to use in quilting or sewing.

Today was a field trip to Camp Runamuck.  I was greeted outside by many pups in their fenced yard. But inside I was greeted by Marigold, the newest member of the family - what a sweetheart.......and she's calm.....unlike my Bailey who is a nut.....well at least for the first 10 minutes when he meets someone.

And then I got to meet Robin and Stella up close (she has the blue timmy in her mouth). What fun little dogs, they were both smaller than I pictured.

I went over Theresa's to see her new loom, the Gilmore Gem II. What a wonderful little loom, it's so sturdy, it weaves and feels like a big heavy loom. She has a couple posts about it on her blog. I'm in the thinking stages about getting one for the beach, there's not much room over there so this loom may just fit the bill as it doesn't have a big footprint. It was a fun visit.


  1. LOL, Robin showing those big reflective eyes and of course you would get Stella with Timmy!
    You were spared a Smoochie greeting, trust me, your ears appreciate it.
    Wonderful to have you up for the field trip and of course, always willing to enable. Great scarf! I have a few small pieces of rusted linen from a little workshop last summer and I've used bits here and there in sewing.

  2. That scarf is gorgeous! Rusted items aren't that easy to find - I know because I'm trying to find some! Funny how I scrolled down and saw Stella and thought - oh how funny Cindie was gotten a jack russel terrorist for herself :)

    1. You need a good neighbor like Merle who keeps all that rusted stuff behind the workshop! Fun pile to dig through. And there are even big things, like wire grids - would be very fun to take a big piece of cotton up there and rust it. So much fun, so little time to do it in.


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