Monday, September 15, 2014

Rude awakening......

Thank you to everyone for your good thoughts.  Woke up this morning to an emergency email list I'm on from the sheriff's office with level one evacuation orders (get ready) - there are many roads on the other side of the river from us, as in 1 mile away. In panic mode at the moment, didn't expect this so soon. Trying to compose myself and figure out a plan - we have a dash and go plan but need to figure one out that includes having some time to get things out of here so we're ready if our road gets added to the list. Wondering this morning what Wildlife Images plan is for the animals - it's an animal rehabilitation and education center at the end of our road close to the river. Small animals are one things but bears and the big cats are another.  Getting Sam moving on blowing those dead pine needles off the roof and putting the sprinklers up there that will run as long as power isn't knocked out. Me, I'm not sure what to do first so will pack up etsy orders to run to the Merlin post office 2 miles away, maybe put my etsy shops on vacation hold today so I don't have to worry about more orders.........  Thinking maybe getting our 5th wheel out of here to a safe location in case we need to live in it would be a good thing to do today. Will start packing some important things for just in case.....not what I was expecting to do today........

Update:  it's 9:45am and the first copter just flew over, no bucket or snorkel on it, hearing something else in off in the distance so must be the change of command has taken place, pilots rested and ready to fly.   Still nothing posted on the fire websites - getting news from the local sheriff's office and radio station......did the forest service take a long weekend or what???


  1. Oh dear, Cindie I was hoping that things had calmed down a bit for you. I am sending huge amounts of good thoughts and prayers your way in hopes that the fire dies down and goes away. Hope you and yours are safe. Hugs for all of you.

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping the wind blows the right way and fire calms down.


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