Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's that time of year again......

It's almost turkey time and the turkeys here at our house are very showy right now. They roost up in the pine trees out front at night, this morning they were very talkative. They all took off to forage for bugs except for this Tom who must be in love with Sam's truck which is sitting out there until I get the middle bay of the garage totally cleared out of Fiber Mania booth 'stuff' later today. He's a fine looking Tom - he must know that he's safe here, we're not about to eat him for turkey day.

Hoping today all the Fiber Mania bookkeeping and piles are taken care of - need to move on to finishing up a chenille scarf warp and start on Christmas gifts - yikes! I'm just starting on them!


  1. Oh my he is handsome, and quite plump looking too with all his feathers up. Show off. He might make it into someone's oven yet if he parades around elsewhere like that. :)
    You have had such a busy week so far. Some R&R on the horizon for our upcoming snowy weekend?

  2. I'm hoping so.....would be nice to sit and read, spin or knit in front of the fire while the snow falls.....

  3. Wow! I can't imagine seeing something like that running wild! I've only seen small wild turkeys. He looks colorful and huge!

  4. Peacocks get all the press but Toms really have amazing skin tones, dinosaur feet and lovely feathers...I'm a big fan , thanks for the share ; )


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