Wednesday, November 9, 2011

....and the piles are forming.... are piles of goods for my Fiber Mania booth sitting in the hallway to the garage.....handwoven scarves/shawls still need to be packed up but I'll do that at the last minute to avoid wrinkles......wait a minute, is that Phil the pheasant trying to sneak into the red rolling cart???
.....and here are the stacks of bins in the garage where the roving is stored - that's 2 rows deep worth of bins.....hmm, wonder if all this plus my booth display stuff is going to fit in the truck and van....wonder if the utility trailer is full of yard debris or empty......


  1. Oh heavens, that is one serious heap O stuff!

  2. oh-oh...I seriously have that amount of fleece and I'm not selling it! So it's not just your stash?'s going to fibermania? I'm in trouble..and another drop or support spindle isn't going to spin me out of it.

    Good luck with your sales.

    PS..I think maybe I need a Hansen.

  3. yeah, another drop spindle won't help if you have a huge stash. I do have my personal stash but it's no where that big, been trying to whittle it down so I can spin some of the stuff for sale in the tubs! (although I do that now anyhow)


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