Sunday, November 20, 2011

I love pottery!

I love pottery! So does Sam. We skipped going to the coast as originally planned and instead stayed right around home so we could go to Clayfolk's annual sale. We need no pottery, I should keep repeating that to myself before we walk into the Armory for the sale. We did restrain ourselves.......we had to buy a few things, after all there's a beach house with only 2 pottery soup bowls so far. So we walked away with a cheese tray, 2 beautiful thin yogurt/fruit bowls (in the back, picture doesn't do them justice), 2 small bowls for sauces and Sam wanted a new mug. There was one potter with the most beautiful vases that were so shiny and had such a beautiful glaze in seaglass colors that it looked like blown glass......I kept my credit card in my pocket though, they were very spendy and I just didn't need to spend that kind of money.

After that we visited Morrow's which carries vintage building supplies - found a couple of fun glass light shades to make fit for ceiling fixtures at the beach cottage and an old pane window for decor over there - all bargains....sorry, all packed up to take over when we go next. This place had a gigantic collection of knobs and door handles/trim - going to be counting how many knobs I need and going back. And no website for Morrow's...they don't even take credit cards.


  1. I LOVE pottery, too. A pottery show is always a dangerous place for me. Looks like you made some very nice choices. I also lean towards the blues, however, have some really nice green pieces in my collection, too.

  2. What beautiful pottery! I managed to stay away from Clayfolk again this year ... but that just means that when I finally make it over there next year, or the year after, I'll need a trailer to bring home all the stuff I'll end up buying.


  3. Ooh, I do love the pottery you selected. Our pieces tend to be more muted and that's just the way our local potters glaze. I just got Joe's notice for his Christmas show and I'm sure we'll go and buy more stuff we don't need. One cool think we got this year looks like a flower pot but it's for cutlery at at potluck. I haven't succumbed to mugs yet as I have so many memory mugs already.


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