Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy day???

Happy Birthday to me........age doesn't really matter to me but a strange feeling came over me last night as I was thinking about turning 56. I'm heading toward 60!!!  Isn't that the grandmother era of life??? Yikes!!! I still feel like I'm in my 30's....or at least 40's! How could I be the age of grandmothers?!


  1. Happy Birthday!! 56 ain't so bad...i'm staring 59 in the face at the end of the year.
    Hope it's a wonderful one with many more to follow!

  2. Thanks! actually I don't let age bother me but when I really thought about it..... and Sam is going to be 63 tomorrow so I know he'll always be older! and he's really not old at all.

  3. Happy Birthday Cindie. Hope you have a wonderful day full of fun and fiber!
    See you at spinning,

  4. Happy, Happy to EWE. Don't worry about 56, ain't bad at all. I'm going to hit 69 in March.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday to You and Sam!!!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful,
    thinking of you and wishing you health and happiness.


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