Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pay it forward winners.....

Ok, here are the pay it forward winners of the weaving books.....I'll be emailing Sisters and Susan for their mailing addresses. Heatherabarrick & Tinkertots please email me with your mailing addresses - for some reason I can't seem to link to any contact info for either of you.  cindiesam @ yahoo dot com

Weaving As an Art Form - 'Sisters'
Card Weaving & Conventional Card Weaving - 'Susan'
The Rosepath Motif - 'Heatherabarrick'
Weaver's Study Course - 'TinkerTots

Bailey picked the winners - each person entered for each book was assigned a different color dog biscuit which Bailey dashed for....unfortunately I was alone here at the time so I couldn't place the biscuits, hold him back and work the camera at the same was comical.......and he was wishing there were more biscuits after we were done!

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  1. thank you so much for this lovely surprise! what a treat to find in the mail yesterday:) ive been thinking of a rosepath rag rug for a while now and this is going to help me see it through.thanks again and love your blog and remarkable creativity! p.s. my hubby is from grants pass graduating class of 1984 :)


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