Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not much of a picture.....

Ok, so this isn't much of a picture - what's inside this envelope will be seen as soon as the recipient gets it in the mail. Can't show it now since this person reads my blog and it's a surprise. Only hint is that there was still some left in the pot.

Too much administrivia in my life.....it's always my complaint, too little time to create, too much time spent on administrivia. Now adding to it is updating all the tagging on every item in my two etsy shops. Last month Etsy changed the relavancy of tagging so I'm not getting as many sales as usual. So, I'm learning the best new way to optimize the tagging/searches but it requires editing every single item listed - over 200 of them between the two shops. Last night I worked on a few, within minutes one of the items sold. I like the old way better........not sure if I'm saying that just because I have all this busy work ahead of me or what......

There's a new food trailer in our area - Rocco's Amore owned by Bill, my friend Kathy's significant other......Kathy's deep in it too, working away cooking and serving. They just did their first gig on Saturday at a winery event.....more to come plus setting up at lunchtime somewhere around Medford. They'll be serving up yummies for Fiber Mania in November - I'll have a tab going for the weekend for my breakfast and lunch as I work my booth. There were leftovers from the winery gig so Sam and I ate good last night - 2 kinds of lasagna, salad, italian bread, antipasto tray and the yummiest raspberry panna cotta for dessert (every bite I took I said "yum"). They also packed some espresso brownies for us to try, we'll try those today. The website is still under construction - I just took my first look at it.


  1. I feel for ya, just spent several hours redoing tags in my shop. I too liked the old way better, but with new ideas hopefully will come new customers.

    Interested to find out what is in the envelope!

    Keep your chin down and keep going, the editing will eventually be completed.

    all the best, Martha

  2. Food trailers are the new bistros.


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