Thursday, September 22, 2011

No internet again.....

No internet again in my little world - argh! It went out around 5:30 yesterday evening, still out this morning. Last night when I called there was the recording saying they're aware of the problem and technicians are working on it.....hmm, I was thinking those technicians were home in bed. Called again this morning, got the same message but then I thought to hit '0' on the phone to get a real live person in some other country. At least this live person, whose name I could never figure out after asking several times, was more competant than Audrey who I talked to on Monday. This gal immediately put me on hold to find out if she could get more information on the problem. I got to listen to a recording about how much faster dsl is with Centurylink since it took over/or whatever it did, with Qwest.....hmm, ours has been slower since that happened. My tech support gal, name still unknown, came back - and just as I thought - techs went home to bed because they're waiting for a piece of equipment that 'should' arrive today. So, my internet is in the hands of whatever delivery company Qwest/Centurylink has contracted with. Luckily I do have my Verizon Mifi that I use over on the coast and for traveling but I do pay for limited access each month, what I figured I'd need, not intended to be on all day long here at home. To top this off, I'm on the laptop, wanted to print something in an email and it's not talking to my always does.....except today when I really need it.......

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  1. We have limited choices like you, but the lottery gave us a spectacular teeny phone company whose DSL performance has been flawless. I'm counting my blessings, not bragging.


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