Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rayon batik.....yummy

Yesterday afternoon found me taking the pattern for the Keshy Jacket (see Feb 26 & 27th) and reworking it for a new top - then today I cut the fabric and got it made. I took the sleeves off which leaves a nice little cap sleeve. And the bottom section of the front was totally reworked but slicing a copy of the pattern in two spots, spreading it out, taping more pattern paper behind and creating a piece that would be a bit ruffly and drapey. I also lengthened it 2" from the original. I love the results! I do have more of this fabric left, was thinking a pair of slacks or crop pants but I'm not so sure I have enough fabric for either. I could always make a cute little tank to wear under this, I do have a couple different solid color tanks that will already look nice under it though, it would be nice to be able to get pants out of it.....will look at my patterns tomorrow but I'm having my doubts about having enough.


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