Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tea & cupcakes anyone.......

So got home from spinning get-together,a birthday tea & crepes with a couple friends after spinning and a quick run through the local art museum to see a tapestry exhibit (no comment on that, you don't want to hear it) I found a little time to learn a bit more about my new toy. I chose to use the tea motif again just because it's a line drawing and doesn't use up much thread or time to use for learning. My first attempt at putting letters under the design is to the left - not exactly what I expected. I couldn't figure out why the machine kept saying I couldn't put anymore letters in.....well, I guess if it's set on 'large' that will happen. So, next try I set the font size to small - much better. These are just one of the canned fonts in the machine - I haven't downloaded other fun ones yet. Gee, looking at this my lettering doesn't line up perfectly under the mat in the design, that's not my fault though, I never took it out of the hoop - the mat isn't perfectly horizontal.

Tomorrow I'll have to move the new toy out of the way so I can get to sewing.........that's after I go buy and plant some flowers. I need to get back to the loom, that's my first love and I've been getting scattered lately. Oh and then there's around 150 pounds of roving that will need dyeing......will get to that sometime..... Deep End of the Loom asked if I'd use my embroidery on my handwovens, not sure but it is a thought, it will definitely work, I'll probably have to put a water soluable interfacing on the top as it embroiders like I would have to for towels.


  1. My question too - doing the embroidery on handwoven towels would be lovely. Looking forward to the results!

  2. Nice job Cindie! It is fun isn't it? It was recommended to me also to use the water soluable interfacing as a topper for handwoven material. Glad you are liking the machine!


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