Monday, May 23, 2011

More NWRSA...........

These were my entries in the NWRSA gallery. I got a 1st place on my knit scarf (center) and on two of my handspuns, then two 2nd places and two 3rd places all on handspun yarn. I was just a bit miffed over them, not the actual judging on the quality of my work, they were right on, I don't strive for handspun yarn that looks like it was machine spun so I have no complaints about comments on little slubs here and there or inconsistencies in twists per inch in some of my skeins. But those top four skeins were either to be judged together or just put on display and not judged - I wanted them shown together to share with others how I created 4 coordinating skeins from one length of hand-dyed roving. They took them apart to judge them, spread them out over 4 different tables and did not include the pictures I gave them of the roving and how I separated it. Another comment was that my items would be scored higher if I only included 35 yards in a skein, well, yeah, if I cherry picked 35 yards they would be higher......but in that skein that flows from yellow at one end to black at the other sure wouldn't have worked in only 35 yards, they would have only seen one color. Oh well......I really shouldn't complain because I'm very grateful that there were volunteers who took on the gallery and everything else connected with this conference. I truly had a great time, once again.
Thought I'd share a picture of  the basket the 5 of us attending from our little area donated as a fund raiser for the organization. It's hard to tell but this was a gigantic tub - those sheep are huge!

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