Friday, May 27, 2011

Playing with beads again......or skirting everything else.....

I really have wanted to get some jewelry put together but right now it's become a diversion to what I should be doing......but what I should be doing isn't life or death so I guess I shouldn't care! Have been feeling lately like I'm not getting done what I need to......weaving, more sewing, photography work so I can sell what I've made (no one sees it, it won't sell) cleaning out my closet, dyeing (but it's just been too cold and wet for that), weeding.......on and on. So, continuing on how I've been going I'll sit down and read a book this afternoon, this is unheard of for me, I never take the time to read (other than fiber related mags) but I took this book out at the library and it's got to go back tomorrow so rather than sign it out longer I'll read it.....and I am enjoying it. Think I might just make myself a cup of tea to go with sitting and reading......rainy, cloudy, windy day it seems perfect.
I've been wanting to put together these two necklaces for a long time......sorry for the bad picture, I'm definitely not a photographer. Those are swarovski crystals on the necklaces, very sweet, pretty little necklaces. The dragonfly earrings and pendants were made from cloisonne pieces bought at Shipwreck Beads in March.


  1. ooo I like those! Dragonflies are one of my favorite motifs.

  2. Whoa, back up. What was the book that grabbed your attention? Inquiring minds want to know~

  3. It was an easy quick read book, a light quilt murder mystery. Quilters Knot: a Harriet Truman/Loose Threads Mystery by M. sachitano.


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