Sunday, March 20, 2011

More socks off to Michigan

I finished up another pair of sox that are headed to an aunt in Michigan in the next day or two. Yarn is more Opal from my stash, don't ask which colorway, label already in the trash. Trying to decide what's on the to-do list for today - need to organize mess of knitting supplies so I can start a shawl out of handspun that I recently swatched for. Need to put another coat of paint and maybe some paintstik embellishment on some frames for needlefelted postcards. Also would like to start planning/warping for rag weaving for tote bags..........want to get rid of lots of stash of leftover cotton from quilting projects and's taking up lots of valuable space and  I'm doing nothing with it. Also have tons of plastic bags from Ashland Bay roving deliveries that will be recycled into woven tote bags similar to the one I made myself last year. Want to knit some beaded bracelets that friend Kathy taught me how to do while at Sewing Expo which will lead into knitting a scarf with bead accents that Sewing Sunday friend Barbara gave me the pattern to.....leftover size 6 beads from bracelets will be used for scarves. But what is first on the list........maybe another cup of tea.......

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