Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The Japanese weigh heavily on my mind, I knew it was affecting me but hadn't realized just how much. It's becoming difficult to sleep or to focus during the day thinking about the horrors they're experiencing over there......the loss of loved ones, homes, entire towns, drinking water & food shortages and now the prospect of a nuclear nightmare. I'm not glued to the tv watching it all unfold but one doesn't have to be, even just a short time updates one on everything happening. I looked for a beautiful picture of Japanese cherry blossoms to post so there was something lovely from the country to see rather than what's shown in the press but I couldn't hit the copy button. It certainly puts life in perspective.......the silly things we all worry about on the daily basis seem so unimportant when these things happen or when those close to us are dealing with horrible illnesses or loss.

On the local tsunami - we had several calls asking about our beach house on the Oregon coast - it is fine. We bought up the hill from the harbor and beach knowing that tsunami's can be an issue, I had read about the big on in Crescent City, CA in 1964 caused by the devastating quake in Alaska. We haven't heard if there was any damage in our town and probably won't know anything until we get the local paper on Friday. There was quite a bit of damage in other harbors south of us and in Crescent City, once again.

Today is my spinning day, getting together with all my fiber friends is always a good thing, good for the soul, good therapy for the mind and heart......

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  1. Love the warp. When you get to it, you really get to it!
    I'm thinking Colette has a pattern for undergarments.
    I would love to be able to actually make a bra, really. The ultimate custom fitted item. And lets face it, one with pink sparkles and bling would put a smile on anyone's face. Hope the guild actually does produce enough for a show.


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