Monday, July 6, 2009

Dye Day

Today was a dye day - the weather was perfect, sunny and around 70 - big change from the 100+ days we'd been having recently. I didn't get as much done as usual, late start plus found my stock solution jugs almost empty so had to make up new. Above on the left is 2 lbs of a merino/tencel blend in a lavender colorway (looks blue in the picture), in the center in yellows & golds is 2 lbs of a merino/bamboo blend and on the right in a light denim color is another 2 lbs of the merino/bamboo blend.
On the left and right is some black blue faced leicester - 2 lbs of it overdyed in reds & browns, an 1 lb of it overdyed in teals & browns. Since I still had some time I dyed 5 hanks of a merino/alpaca sock yarn in various colors. Hoping to get lots of dyeing in this week.

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  1. Gosh Cindie, what a beautiful bunch of dying you've done! hasn't the weather been perfect for outdoor stuff?


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