Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blue Face Leicester Dye Day

Yesterday was another picture perfect day here - morning at the dye pots was in the 50's - high in the afternoon was in the upper 70's. I was working on Blue Face Leicester and will be doing so again today. Above is a colorway I woke up thinking about - the blue turned out a bit brighter than I expected so will have to continue to work on that formula. I can't wait to spin some of this - I have 4lbs in 8 oz lengths but then there's one 5 oz length for me to spin up for a pair of sox.
Above I was trying to get a nice rich brown colorway, this picture doesn't do it justice, it's beautiful. And the Lilac is the same colorway I did yesterday on the merino/tencel - color a bit brighter on the BBL.
And finally on the left is a colorway I'm loving - it was hard to take pictures where this was hanging to dry under the deck so the colors aren't quite right - but it's a very ominous colorway. And the center and right colorways are what I call Dye Day Surprise - I take what's left in the squirt bottles, combine similar colors and just play on the roving - these will not, and cannot, be repeated.
Today I'm going to be trying for a colorway that includes some deep wine colors - maybe a chartruese one too since I'm partial to that color. I'll dye until the BFL is gone, have 5 more skeins of sock yarn to dye too. Was originally going to spend the day dyeing again tomorrow but may have to take a break - standing on concrete for 8+ hours, even in good shoes, is killing my feet and back. I have 20+ pounds each of a corriedale cross, merino. wensleydale and falkland sitting here waiting to be weighed out into 8 oz lengths for dyeing and some superwash merino, more merino/bamboo and merino/tencel on order. Hmm, where will this all be stored??? Right now it's in 20 pound bumps that are very compressed and take up little space.

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