Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weaving and Knitting

The latest scarves to come off the loom are bamboo with a supplementary warp in seacell (a seaweed product). Bamboo is lovely, soft and have beautiful drape.

Last week I started a new knitting project, the Scotch Thistle Stole pattern from Heartstrings. I'm using my handspun for this shawl, these colors made me think of a thistle plant. Had a rocky start to the project as row 13 just wouldn't work out, I kept taking it out and reknitting but it still wouldn't work. I looked on the site to see if there was an errata, couldn't find one so I e'd Heartstrings late one evening. I woke up in the morning with this horrible thought that maybe I was just tired and it was me making the same error over and over but alas, bright and early there was a reply to my email that said, yes, there was a error in the early patterns in that row, since then it's been fixed. So, I was off and running working a little each evening on the shawl. I've now reached the halfway point - will put this aside and start the other side. Once both sides are done there's a (supposedly) invisible join in the center back. It's hard to tell the pattern in this picture since it really won't show until the shawl is blocked but here's a picture anyhow.

Now to decide what project is next on the loom - yesterday spent time planning 4 new projects all for the guild program......2 using bamboo, 1 tencel and 1 seacell/silk blend.