Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jadeite Scarf

This is what I did this afternoon - warped up the loom with a fiber called Therapi that has jadeite in it along with wool & silk. I'm still trying to find out the manufacturing process using the mineral/stone - hoping to get a reply from the company after the holidays are over and businesses get back to normal. The warp is the jadeite fiber in two shades of lavender - the weft is some of my handspun handdyed merino wool. I forgot to take a picture while weaving on the scarf, this picture is on the end of the warp, a quick sample for my records. This is a 8 harness interlocking twill pattern, not evident in this picture but it's a nice pattern. Am anxious to get the scarf washed to see how the drape is and what it will feel like, it's very soft before washing. I usually don't weave scarves out of fiber this thick.