Saturday, January 6, 2024

The good and the bad.......

The good - I'm ahead of the game - today I put together a total of 30 cards that will be birthday cards for this coming year.  I wove the fabric last spring on a scarf warp that I intentionally put extra warp on for cards. It has sequins in little double weave pockets. This is a sampling of some of the cards.  I probably should have taken a close up picture of one of the cards - at this point I'm just happy the pic turned right side up once loaded to blogger. I've gotten low on envelopes to fit this size so will have to make a stop at Staples next time out.  

The bad - I hadn't put this on my to-do list even though it was something I've wanted to do for months. Now I don't get the pleasure of crossing it out.  Does it still count if I write it on the list now and then cross it off???


  1. I would TOTALLY add it to your list and cross it off right after adding it!!! Crossing something off the list is such a satisfying thing to do -- no need to deprive yourself of that pleasure!


  2. I agree, it TOTALLY counts! Write it down and then cross if off - WITH GLEE!

  3. Wow, your cards are stunning. You are such a creative person!


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