Saturday, December 18, 2021

Piecing the bits & bobs......


I'm having trouble getting motivated to start on a new project in spite of the very long list of projects I have to choose from. A couple weeks ago I saw this quilt kit on the shelf, it was bought a number of years ago as a pure impulse buy because the sheep and fabrics were just so danged cute.  It's a wallhanging or baby blanket size. I don't know yet if I'll have enough wall space in the loom room or sewing room and I don't know of anyone having a baby so it may be put aside for a future gift or it may be donated. In the meantime it's the perfect project for me, no designing or thinking required just cut the fabric and sew according to the directions. 

The last month or so I've been spinning and finally spun up my 12 Days of Christmas fiber from Inglenook Fibers from last year. Rather than spin it all as one project I've spun them separately. I used 5 of the 12 fibers for the above skein, it flows from light to dark. There's a picture of a braid that was a companion roving so I plied with that and then spun the extra skein of just companion roving. I haven't measured the yardage yet to know what it will grow up to be. 

And then with 6 of the 12 fibers I spun this skein and plied it with a companion roving and spun the remainder of the companion roving to make another small skein. Once again, I haven't counted up the yardage so not sure what it become.  If you were paying attention you would say, wait a minute, she only spun 11 of the 12, yep, that's right, there was one that just didn't fit in with either grouping so it will get added to a blending board project someday in the future.  I didn't sign up for the 12 Days of Christmas spin-a-long for this year, figured since it took me a year to spin these I'd skip this year.

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  1. Your makes are always beautiful and inspiring, even though I neither quilt nor spin. :-)


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