Monday, December 7, 2020


I have been MIA on this blog, just can't seem to post. Life is stressful dealing with family health and aging issues.  I'm not really motivated to compose a post, too much stress plus I don't really have much to say but I'm trying this morning. I am trying to get myself moving on boxing up some gifts that need to be mailed, today handmade holiday cards will go in the mail. I'm really not accomplishing much creatively.

Last week in-between other things going on in my life I did get a two block twill towel warp on the loom. I only had time to weave 3 towels so far but it's a start and it did my mental state good to sit at the loom threading heddles, sleying the reed and throwing the shuttle. I am trying to use what's in my stash rather than purchase more but I'm running out of my favorite colors of 8/2 unmercerized cotton in addition to white and black. This is not to say I don't have 8/2 - I've got shelves of it, just not all the colors I want.  But I've got loads of greens, I mean loads of it so this warp has 2 shades of green (and natural) and I'm using a teal weft right here, next up a dark green weft. 

 A couple weeks ago I plied this yarn that had been on bobbins for a year. It's bamboo, merino and nylon. I'm not sure what this will grow up to be yet, it's sitting on the shelf 'marinating' for the time being. I am thinking about starting to spin something fun and colorful - I think I said that in my last post but it hasn't happened yet. 

I'm hoping to post more often and have fun creative fiber projects to share in the near future. Everyone stay safe and wear your mask. 


  1. Those towels are lovely. And I hear you-green is not usually one of my colors, either, but you did a great job putting the colors together and they’ll look great in many kitchens. May you find some sunshine in the multitude of December holidays.

  2. I completely understand. I'm didn't used to know how to spell enuii and now I'm living it!!

  3. I think its part of the rhythm of this isolation . Most of us are not used to it, and even if we are more solitary it feels different when we can’t control it. I find that there are days when i am perfectly content to be home and in my studio or puttering around the house. Making shopping lists and planning projects or meals. It gives me a feeling / illusion of control. And then it just sort of disappears and i feel cranky and annoyed at most everything.
    But we will get through this. It may take some time....and a lot of weaving supplies...but we will. I wish i had a stash of 8/2 cottons but am making do with 10/2 from my stash. It’s a bit daunting to see just how much “stuff” i have accumulated. I wish there was a way to get together and trade supplies with others who have discovered that there are threads and supplies that even in quarantine they didnt want to use them.
    Have you heard of “Depth Year”. It’s an interesting concept. I think we are all doing a forced version.
    Stay well, keep weaving....


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