Monday, April 24, 2017

Making progress.......

I'm making progress on the shawl, coming down the home stretch. It will look much nicer when blocked and all the holes show up, especially along the bottom few inches.....intentional holes, not mistake holes. If I were not following 'the rules' of spinning each packet of this 12 Days of Christmas fiber I may have rearranged the colors but this is how they came, so that's how I spun them.

I've been having hand problems the past several months so I'll have to let it rest a day before knitting again.....or weaving. I guess overuse is catching up with me............


  1. It's really lacey and open in the bigger needles - you're right. Hope the hand problems are short lived.

  2. The shawl looks lovely. May your hand issues pass quickly.

  3. So beautiful, Cindie!!!



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