Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Echo weave

I finally got back to the loom and started weaving on the echo weave scarf warp. It's very hard to see, especially when I'm looking at it straight on while weaving..........and much attention needs to be paid to the treadling sequence. I don't know if I'll like the hand of these scarves, it's a very close sett, not as many ppi and I'm even doing less than I've seen in other echo weave projects using 8/2 tencel. I feel like these may not be as drapey as I like to weave my scarves but maybe I'll be surprised.


  1. I see the pattern a bit. Interesting. I know there has been a fair amount of chatter about the book Weaving with Echo and Iris. Is the draft from this book?

    1. This draft (which I altered a bit) is from a Handwoven but it also may be in Echo and Iris, I haven't looked closely enough. I've had that book sitting on my desk since it came out and hadn't taken the time to really study it - that will come next now as I'd like to design my own drafts.

    2. PS - In hindsight it may have been good to have a little more contrast between my two warp threads, not a huge difference but more than what I've got.

  2. I can see the pattern, too. It will be really nice. And sometimes only subtle differences in color are eye-poppingly gorgeous when complete and worn.


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