Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Back at the sewing machine............

Today I put together another baby/toddler quilt to be donated. I also had this fabric in my stash.........good use for it rather than sitting in the cupboard for another 10 years. It's hard to tell but those are little sheep on the farm in the small panels. I love the bright red backing and binding I used.

After making the quilt today I made a few of these caddies. I learned how to make them last week at the American Sewing Guild meeting, many thanks to Kathy K for leading us in this project. The quilted cover with pockets sits over top one of those $1 plastic standing picture frames. There are pockets on the front for sewing tools, pens/pencils, scissors and one pocket on the back that can hold a notepad or whatever. Today I made this one and two others, all gifts. I'm already making a list of others to make these for as gifts this next holiday season.


  1. Sweet quilt Cindie. Love the caddie idea too. Glad you are enjoying the guild. I have a quilt cutting planned for the weekend.

  2. The baby quilt is adorable. And the pouches - great gift idea! Could modify the pockets to make useful for weaving tools at the loom, I assume.

    1. Yes, the organizer could be used for anything. The idea at the sewing guild was to use them for sewing tools. These three are for non-sewers/crafters so I'm going to put scissors, pens, pencils, ruler and notepad with them.


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