Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016 Holiday Cards

Here are this year's holiday cards. It's a 26 harness twill star. I started with a star design from the Complex Weavers compilation publication and then tweaked it to how I wanted to see it woven. The warp is 20/2 perle cotton the weft a similar size metallic thread from my stash.

I used 3 different types of gold scrapbook paper. The top right was my favorite but I only had 2 pages of it in my stash and couldn't find it anywhere - it was a matte gold metallic color. Then the bottom left was a very cool paper, or so I thought since it was found in with the scrapbooking was actually metal combined with something else, maybe a plastic coating - it was destroying my square punch so I had to toss that idea. Then I found a 24"x36" sheet of the glittery card stock, upper left, that the punch liked and ended up making the majority of the cards out of that.  I cut the bottom edge with deckled scissors and then used a gold metallic marker on the inside so it shows when the card is closed. I neglected to take a photo of the inside - I printed the sentiment on a gold parchment and added it inside.

Found a couple more cross stitch patterns stashed away and have been stitching in the evenings. I also found 8 finished cross stitch projects in need of framing, they've been stashed away for years. Goal next year is to frame some for our bedroom and possibly gift the others.

I've already been working on going through my stash, in small bits of time, and selling, gifting, donating craft supplies I don't use and will never use........someone else might as well enjoy creating with them rather than leaving them to take up space in my studio.


  1. Cindie, the cards are beautiful. I particularly love the fine handwoven star you made for the card - so pretty and very special.

  2. Absolutely STUNNING card!!!!



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