Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sturdy baby blanket

Here's a baby blanket off the first of the baby blanket warps (one of them already listed in my etsy shop). I love the colors. I love the tracking that happened after it was washed creating that very cool texture in the blanket............but this cotton is not as soft as I would like.  It still makes a sturdy baby blanket, it could even double as a bath towel for baby......but I was expecting cuddly soft. I guess that's why a weaver should sample.......but that's just not me.  I will go ahead and weave the blue/green blankets out of this same cotton as it's still very nice and I wouldn't hesitate to use it if I had a baby (which would never happen) but before I do those I'm going to weave a warp of blankets using a softer cotton........that I know will turn out cuddlely soft as I was hoping for this warp.


  1. Darling baby blank, the tracking adds a wonderful texture to the piece.

  2. What cotton did you use per chance and what softer cotton will you use. Do you need any of the softball stuff I have here?

    1. I used a cotton cord I had bought quite a while ago - beautiful soft colors, I thought it would be nice after washing, but just a little too rustic. I'm going to use perle cotton as I had used in another recent baby blanket. No, don't need any of the softball stuff - thanks, want to weave these with a bit finer yarn than that.


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