Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fig Jam

After weaving for a bit this morning I decided to make some fig jam......never made it before, very tasty although really sweet.......think it will be great over brie or goat's cheese on crackers.  We have two fig trees, usually I eat the figs right off the tree or dry them - this year enough ripened at the same time that I could eak one batch of jam out of them. I had to scrounge around for jars as I've made so much jam this year I've pretty much used up my jam jar stash. I'd still like to make some blackberry jam but need to find a place to pick blackberries.......


  1. Over cheese would be my choice. I made some spiced blackberry jam a few weeks ago. Tastes yummy on vanilla ice cream...just saying. :-)

  2. YUM! On a grilled cheese sandwich, or with cottage cheese, or stuff some jalapenos with cream cheese and the jam,'ll come up with lots of ideas.

    1. On grilled cheese!!! I never thought of that, one of my favorite comfort foods. Definitely trying this tomorrow. Thanks!


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