Sunday, July 24, 2016

Slow weaving shawl ready to wear

 I washed and twisted the fringe on the 'slow weaving' shawl out of my novelty handspun. It is incredibly soft.......I can't wait to wrap up in it in colder weather........which won't happen for quite a while with the 100 degree temps on the way this week.

Here's a bit of a close-up to see all the different fibers and lumpies/bumpies in the handspun. There is everything but the kitchen sink in this yarn.


  1. I love "lumpies/bumpies" handspun!!! Can't wait to see this gorgeous wrap in person!


  2. Cindie, that will look beautiful on you! As to the hot weather, well, I'm surprised it has come sooner.

  3. I love the combination of colors and textures. And it looks sooooo soft!


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