Sunday, December 7, 2014

Recycled gift bags.....again......

Yesterday I worked on creating gift bags for the holidays.  I'm recycling Trader Joe's grocery bags, and one Bob's Red Mill bag. Yes, I know I shouldn't even have these in my possession - I have many, many reusable bags for my groceries but unfortunately they don't always end up back in my car or I'm at the check-out and realize I've left them in the car. So, what do I do with them but make gift bags for the holidays and other times of the year.  I made many yesterday and still have more to go that will end up being used throughout the year for other gift giving.  This year I took my Sharpie markers to them to put the recipient's name and a little holly design.

These bags have a little pleat on the bottom. I put up a post 2 years ago on how they're made, well, a so-so post. You can find it here if you have paper grocery bags to recycle. 

The only issue with these bags is that they're only so big - when I need a bigger bag I make a trip to the Dollar Store where they have an incredible selection of bags for $1 each.  I did make a few of these bags smaller this year to match the gift size.

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