Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Nobody reading this blog including me noticed this error for the baby blanket warp in my blog post of last week.  I accidently flipped over that warp bout when putting it on the lease sticks. The blue shouldn't be right next to the yellow - there should be white, then green, then white, then blue. This is a first in 28 years of weaving - I've never done that.

I found it when I was threading the heddles yesterday afternoon, I got to that point and thought "what the heck???" I kept threading in the correct color order but I knew I had to do a better fix because the tension would be wacky. So, I got a bit of time earlier this evening to pull the entire warp to the front, fix the problem on the back beam bar and wind it back on. Now I'm ready to sley the reed, tie on and start weaving.......just need some time back in the studio.........

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